Single-wall hive made of Swiss pine. Upon request, we can also make the hive from common pine.

It features a unique dovetail joint and adhesive bonding. This is the most durable and natural way of joining wood, ensuring a long lifespan for the hive, providing a natural environment for bees, as well as excellent aesthetic qualities. To further strengthen the structure, we also screw screws into the ribs, securing the vertical connections. Screws are also present in the side walls, making the entire hive construction truly solid and strong.

The hive bodies are equipped with emergency exits, convenient handles, and ribs.

The bottom board is equipped with a removable insert for mite control as well as a hygiene grid. The innovative design of the grid guarantees its high durability and allows bees to move comfortably without the risk of leg injury.

The metal roof is made of galvanized sheet metal, ensuring a good appearance for many years.

We are a Polish company, and quality is of the utmost importance to us. We strive to ensure that every element of the hive is well-crafted. Upon customer request, we can provide additional handles, latches, flight holes, and other customizations.

We approach each order individually, aiming to ensure that the product you receive fully meets your expectations.

Are you interested? Write to us! We will create a special offer for you.