Strona główna

The company Beeboxes is an idea that was born in our minds as a result of years of passion for traditional beekeeping.

As the only company in Poland, we produce beehives using dovetail joints!

We are well aware that this type of craftsmanship requires beekeepers to invest year-round effort using only top-quality equipment. We are pleased to welcome you to the website of our beekeeping store. Here, you will find not only innovative single-wall hives made of Scots pine, but also essential hive accessories. Choose a genuine beekeeping store that represents a combination of practical knowledge, the highest quality, and respect for natural resources.

Beeboxes is a team of experienced enthusiasts of the art of beekeeping. We are the manufacturer of the assortment offered on this website, which is why we have 100% confidence that all hives and even the most essential hive accessories maintain an attractive balance of quality and price.

We invite you to explore the offer for beekeepers available in our store.

We manufacture hives in Poland from carefully selected wood. Our online beekeeping store, Beeboxes, will deliver pine beehives to the address you specify, which is one of the most versatile materials for processing. While prioritizing durability and functionality, we also pay attention to aesthetics.